DEE-JAY Schallplatten has been founded in 1978.

The first vinyl releases were hot Rockabilly 45 rpm reissues on the Dee-Jay Jamboree label and a 65 volume series of albums (LPs) entiled “The Bop That Never Stopped (for a real rockin’ cat)” appearing on the Buffalo Bop label.

In 1993, the label introduced their first compact discs.

Since then, a steady stream of various artists packages was well-received by collectors and rockabilly fans all over the world. The Buffalo Bop CD series feature a unique concept, compiling mostly obscure and rockin’ tracks around a main “theme”, while adding a wonderful 50’s style artwork to the CD front (together with many pictures filling a 12- to 20-page booklet).

Almost all CDs are jam-packed with 30 tracks. Each year, around 4 to 8 new CD’s will be issued.
Apart from the Buffalo Bop CD series, Dee-Jay Records has also released wonderful and seldom heard doowop and vocal group reissues on their Dee-Jay Jamboree label.

The label’s catalogue is enlarged with a few nice single artist CD packages.

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